Traditional design collector rings -- two-piece slip ring

October 26, 2018

Latest company news about Traditional design collector rings -- two-piece slip ring

JARCH's two-piece slip ring accommodate most variations of AC-DC motor and lap joint style connections. JARCH’s unique two-piece interleaving design allows rings to be installed after the stub ends or angle rings have been fused, welded, or glued; to simplify our slip ring experts.


Two half style slip ring make your installation much easily if the mounting situation is complex.It is different from traditional design.JARCH has beeng keeping innovation on slip ring development technologe.

This two half style slip rings have 360mm through hole size,combine five power lines which support current with above 40Amp on each line and signal line.Carbon brush technology is applied in this design.Easy maintenance, long lifespan and simple mouting are the advantage of this type slip rings.






***Efficiency – By eliminating the need cut and re-weld pipe ends when replacing backing rings, JARCH have proven to reduce replacement time by as much as 66%. Every minute spent on a redundant or lengthy repair operation is a minute where your production is stalled and your profits diminishing. JARCH is designed to significantly reduce replacement downtime, bringing your line back up in no time and putting money directly back into your budget.

***Ease – No matter how complex your system is, JARCH introduce an element of refreshing simplicity. You’ll find installation and replacement with JARCH to be quick and effective.

***Effectiveness – JARCH utilize an interleaving two-piece design where the two half rings share common bolt holes and interlock around a pipe with rigidity and strength.