Slip Ring for Auto

July 8, 2019

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The slip ring enables the electrical connection within the rotating assembly. The slip rings, also called the rotating electrical spacer, rotating electrical couplers, rotating rings, or the electrical rotating connections, are present in the electrical generators for the AC systems and the alternators


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We produce various types of slip rings, which we divide to the following groups:

  • Standard slip rings
  • Slip ring for EV
  • Special slip rings

The innovative technical solutions, developed by Kolektor in the domain of the construction of the slip ring, contributed to the elimination of the possibility of the appearance of hidden defects on the product itself.
And speaking of the competitive advantage, it is presented also by the advanced and completely automated production process, which can be adapted, extensively, to the requirements of the individual client and market. The client can recognize the combined effect at his production line in the reduced reject of semi-products (rotors).

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Key customer requirements

  • Acceptable quality and regular deliveries
  • Stability in the working environment to 150° C
  • Flexibility at the defining of the dimensional and at other technical solutions


  • Low wear rate
  • Use of various combinations of materials for contacts and rings (CuAg, CuSn)
  • Selection of the optimum material for the manufacture of the insulating ring (thermoplastic, Duroplast)
  • Adjusted shape and dimension of contacts for the more effective rotor winding
  • Optimum dimension of the inner diameter for the achievement of proper contact force
  • Alternators
  • Motor for electrical vehicles
  • Alternators for great transmissions (heavy duty)