Robotic Slip Rings With 360° Continuous Rotation

June 19, 2019

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JARCH slip rings are highly suited for use in actuators and uninterrupted rotating joints within robotic manipulators. Our products are largely responsible for delivering both reliable and high-precision performance, not limited to just slow speeds but high-speed applications as well as operating across all torque ranges.


As you may already know, the use of slip rings in the robotics industry is on the rise and has been over the last few years, with the developments in technology across the globe we are seeing more and more slip rings used in robotics. When used in robotic applications, slip rings are known as robot slip rings or robotic rotary joints,JARCH is provide the solution for it.


When using slip rings in robotics the danger posed to humans by some tasks is removed. For example, no longer is a human required to manually weld, this process can be done by a robot with the use of a slip ring.



▼Robotic with JARCH Slip Rings



●360° Continuous Rotation;



●High efficiency;

●Competitive Price;

●Water proof;

●Electric noise very low;

●Long life span , maintenance-free, easy to install;

●Transmit Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus, Decive net, cc-link, FireWire, servo motor signal, encoder signal, strain gauge, thermocouple and other signals;



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JARCH slip rings offer superior signal transferring capabilities when rotating at 360 degrees compared to other suppliers. You can be sure that our product will last and provide insane levels of value for money, you will be pleasantly surprised about how durable and how long our slip rings last.