Motorised Reels

August 12, 2021

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JARCH Power mobile equipment with motorized reels to ensure the safe and reliable transmission of power, data and fluids.


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In-house engineering

In-house engineering and integration of products according to the specific application and operational environments. Designed and built for intermittent, (patented hydrodynamic system), and continuous.

Engineering capabilities

Engineering capabilities to design the largest drums, (currently 9.2m radius), for the fastest speeds, (300m/min), in the harshest of environments.


Complete, compact design

Monospiral, random lay, parallel lay and Pull & Store configurations, for use with several drive systems and standard motors for low maintenance costs and effective system integration.


JARCH cable reel system

1. Motor (with drive) Standard squirrel cage or torque motors, according to IEC Norms. Hydrodynamic cable reels can be supplied with a pneumatic or hydraulic motor.

2. Gearbox or Torque Unit Sever gearboxes and eight torque units are available with variable output torque from 10-1200daNm.

3. Collector Standard sizes of collectors are available for power and signals. Current ratings vary from 10 to 2400Amp, voltages up to 30kV. We also manufacture customized collectors exceeding the above parameters.

4. The drums are composed of standard elements and can easily be adjusted to required widths. Standard drum diameters range from 300mm to 8700mm.

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The JARCH product range includes cost-efficient motorized reels systems produced in high volume series and relatively small volume projects. We support customers from design to commissioning of products and systems ready for use in the harshest operating and ambient conditions.

JARCH manufactures motorized reels for horizontal, vertical, continuous and intermittent use. We provide tailored solutions for LV or MV applications, with or without fibre optics, for various applications.

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Ports & Maritime

JARCH motorized cable reels are integrated with all potential ports crane applications, at the key, at the yard or at the intermodal terminal.

Typical applications:

  • Ship-to-shore (STS) cranes.
  • Automatic stacking cranes (ASC).
  • Rail-mounted gantry (RMG) cranes.
  • Electric rubber-tired gantry (E-RTG).
  • Ship loaders.
  • ShorePower systems.
  • Mining & Tunnelling

    JARCH powers a broad range of mobile equipment operating in underground and open pit mining, and tunnelling applications, including:

  • Tunnel boring machines (TBM).
  • Face drilling machines.
  • Stacker-reclaimers.
  • Electric rope shovels.


JARCH engineers indoor and outdoor mobile construction machines, travelling platforms and overhead cranes operating in a variety of sectors such as:

  • Construction.
  • Steel manufacturing.
  • Waste water.
  • Chemical plant.
  • Nuclear power plant.
  • Theatres.
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