JARCH--Underwater operation Waterproof slip ring

November 1, 2018

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Waterproof slip rings is one kind of high protection slip ring.Water proof,oil proof,Anti-salt fog corrosion are all in the range of water proof slip rings' series.JARCH's water proof slip rings are designed according to working envirionment,such as spray water,immerse in water or seawater,surround by high humidity offshore air and so forth,we adopt different material and construction design to applicable for the environment.Optional IP grade are IP64,IP65,IP66,IP67,IP68...Contact our carbon brush slip ring experts.


Protection grade up to IP68
High temperature resistance, anti-corrosion
May work under water 100m
Integrated structure design,convenient to install

Circuit number
Protection grade
Current rating
Integrate various signal

Typical application:
Vessel machinery,seaport machinery,ROV
Beer machine,filling machine
Drilling platform,oil well


Technical Data
Circuits No 4 circuits 15A ID/OD 45mm/140mm
Voltage 440 VDC/VAC Max speed 300RPM
Housing material Stainless steel Torque 0.1N.m;+0.03N.m/6 circuits
Working life

>80millions revolutions(depends

on working speed,environment)

Contact material Precious metal:gold-gold
Electrical Noise <10mΩ @6VDC,50mA,5RPM Contact Resistance <20mΩ(AWG16#,300mm)
Dielectric Strength 800VDC@50Hz,10s Lead wire Spec UL Teflon@Awg22(5A),Awg16
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ@600VDC,10s Lead wire length 300mm
Work Temperature -40℃ to 85℃ IP grade IP68
Mechanical vibration MIL-SID-810E Work Humidity 10% to 85% RH
*** *** Underwater operation depth 10 meters
Inside material precious metals Certificate CE,FCC,ROHS


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