Customised Slip Ring in JARCH

December 7, 2020

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We strive to meet customer needs. If our standard accessories do not meet your requirements,

our R & D team will work with you to design a slip ring to meet your requirements.

The large custom slip ring will meet the following special requirements:

Power capacity (nanoseconds) up to 1000Amps,
Voltage (microvolts) up to 3KV,
Speed up to 5000 r / min,
Up to 400 ℃, low temperature -60 ℃ (independent slip ring -150 ℃),
The life expectancy of up to 200 million times, 200 million times,
Digital transmission up to 600 Mbits / s,
Package up to IP67 @ 1Mpa,

Large aperture up to 1,000mm, up to 500 channels,

parallel electrical, signal, gas and liquid or fiber optic transmission


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We understand that the application of slip rings can be broad and varied.

Therefore, we provide customized slip rings according to customer requirements.

Whether you are looking for fiber optic swivel joints, hydraulic slip rings or blended slip rings,

JARCH's R & D team wants to be able to listen to your needs and provide a high-quality personalized slip ring.


Please note the following aspects when ordering: speed, current, voltage, number of circuits, protection level,

frequency, special signal transmission (CANBUS detection, Ethernet, thermocouple, USB, RS, etc.)


Please contact JARCH with any custom slip ring application. Every effort will be made to meet your specifications.

Because many custom slip rings are designed around standard slip rings you will find our cost and delivery extremely competitive.



• Wind power generators
• Windpower hub control
• Wastewater treatment
• Tidal generation
• Marine turbines
• Rotary current collectors
• Slip rings for bow thrusters
• Cable bunching machines
• Welding tables & turnover
• Cable reeling drums
• Packaging machines
• Rotating doors
• Leisure & amusement rides
• Motors, alternators & generators
• Mobile cranes
• Railway industry
• Rotating advertising signs
• Machine tool applications
• Heated rollers textile machinery
• Injection molding machines
• Paint mixing equipment
• Hollywood movie sets
• Entertainment lighting displays
• Mobile high scale HD TV’s
• Robot manipulator arms
• Auto wrapping equipment
• Automotive industry
• Commercial shop displays
• Offshore cranes
• Rotating theatre sets
...and many more


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