Anel coletor-Customized Replaceable Carbon Brush with Collector ring

October 24, 2018

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JARCH Customized Replaceable Carbon Brush


As leading of manufacturer of carbon brush slip ring in domestic, JARCH provides low cost conductive slip ring of solutions. The customized slip ring of carbon brush have 2 rings, 4 ring, 8 ring, 10 rings, and other kind of ring our slip ring experts.


The traditional carbon brush and commutator collector ring are used together to realize the mechanical commutation, to ensure that the input to the DC motor output power as DC . With the development of power electronic technology, brushless DC motor using electronic devices have begun to widely used. Other motors (induction motor and synchronous motor) for AC motor, no brush structure. Brush can only exist in the DC motor. The slip ring used connected with a current between two objects relative movement. The most common is the motor commutator, also has the linear motion of the car, motor car of brush .


Carbon brush slip ring alternator is commonly used in motor commutator, the export to import the current sliding contact, its conductivity, thermal conductivity and good lubrication performance, and has certain mechanical strength and commutation spark instincts.Nearly all motors use crystals.

Electrical machinery slip ring,carbon brush slip ring which is an important part of the motor.The collector ring is widely used in various ac/dc generators, synchronous motors,Battery dc motor, crane motor and various welding machines.




1. The interior adopts carbon brush structure, the carbon brush can be replaced, and the whole life of the slip ring is more longer.


2. The integral structure has the advantages of easy opening, convenient installation and convenient maintenance.


3. Customers can connect their wires to slip rings, and wires can be replaced.